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Katla Volcano Iceland

Katla volcano can be found under the south-eastern part of Icelands Myrdalsjokull icecap.

Katla volcano has a large ice covered caldera which is 9 miles in diameter and is the fourth largest Icelandic volcano at 220 square miles. Katla has erupted many times in the past, usually once in every 80 years. The last major Katla eruption was on the 12th of October 1918, the eruption lasted for 24 days.

Latest News: An Icelandic met office Katla news article states that in the early hours of 05 October 2011, an intense swarm of earthquakes registered in the Katla volcano caldera; the largest of these had a local magnitude of 3.9. There are no measurable signs that an eruption of Katla is imminent; however, given the high levels of earthquakes, the situation may change abruptly.

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Terrawatch: Katla volcano may erupt - but not just yet
The Guardian
Evgenia Ilyinskaya, a volcanologist at the University of Leeds, and her colleagues have discovered that Katla is pumping out vast quantities of carbon dioxide. Gas measurements taken above the ice-capped volcano (using aircraft), combined with ...

Volcano in Iceland Is One of the Largest Sources of Volcanic CO
To address this gap, Ilyinskaya et al. recorded the first atmospheric gas emission rate measurements from Katla, one of Iceland's largest active volcanoes. This massive ice-covered caldera, which last erupted a century ago, was previously assumed to be ...

Safe Travels Magazine

Quick Read: Terrawatch: Katla volcano may erupt – but not just yet
Safe Travels Magazine
No, Katla is not about to blow her top, and no, this Icelandic volcano is not about to shut down European airspace; although you would be forgiven for thinking otherwise if you had seen the hyperventilating headlines in the British press last month ...


No, the giant Katla volcano in Iceland isn't about to erupt
Despite screaming headlines in the British tabloids and even the normally staid Sunday Times, there is no sign that Iceland's Katla volcano will erupt any time soon, scientists say. The wild headlines warned that the "Icelandic giant is about to erupt ...
Katla eruption: "We're used to these kinds of news reports"Iceland Monitor
Icelandic volcano threatens to erupt in explosion that could 'dwarf' 2010 ash cloudWalesOnline
Volcano in Iceland is About to Explode PrematurelyPlanet Newsdesk (blog)
Wiley Online Library -NASA Earth Observatory -Evening Standard
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Iceland Magazine (press release)

New study confirms monster volcano Katla is charging up for an eruption
Iceland Magazine (press release)
Katla, a giant volcano hidden beneath the ice cap of Mýrdalsjökull glacier, is busy filling its magma chambers, new research confirms. An eruption in Katla would dwarf the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption, scientists have warned. The volcano is long ...
Katla Volcano Shows Signs of ActivityGuide to Iceland Now

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Iceland Monitor

Sunday Times apologize for Katla eruption story
Iceland Monitor
British newspaper The Sunday Times have apologized for their cover story of an imminent eruption in the Katla volcano in Iceland, a story that was factually incorrect. Volcanologist Evgenia Ilyinskaya who was interviewed in the story was misquoted and ...

New York Times

Long-term magmatic evolution reveals the beginning of a new caldera cycle at Campi Flegrei
Science Advances
... changes in the composition and physical properties of erupted magmas, frequency, spatial distribution and size of volcanic eruptions, and architecture of the magmatic reservoir at depth [e.g., Kos-Nisyros volcanic complex (2), Taupo Volcano (3 ...
Is Italy's 'supervolcano' filling with magma? Get the facts.National Geographic

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Iceland volcano Katla threatening to erupt would 'dwarf' 2010 ash cloud, experts warn
Magma is a mixture of molten and semi-molten rock that builds up the pressure beneath a volcano's cap causing it to erupt, Wales Online reports. When Katla does erupt it is “likely to overshadow” the ash cloud chaos of 2010 which closed airports across ...
Iceland volcano Katla set for 'huge eruption' which could eclipse 2010 ash cloud chaosBirmingham Live
Iceland volcano eruption concerns, scientists disagreeIceNews
Huge Icelandic volcano Katla set to blow - and it will be bigger than 2010 eruptionBristol Live
Coventry Live -Hull Daily Mail -Daily Post North Wales -WalesOnline
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