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Katla Volcano Iceland

Katla volcano can be found under the south-eastern part of Icelands Myrdalsjokull icecap.

Katla volcano has a large ice covered caldera which is 9 miles in diameter and is the fourth largest Icelandic volcano at 220 square miles. Katla has erupted many times in the past, usually once in every 80 years. The last major Katla eruption was on the 12th of October 1918, the eruption lasted for 24 days.

Latest News: An Icelandic met office Katla news article states that in the early hours of 05 October 2011, an intense swarm of earthquakes registered in the Katla volcano caldera; the largest of these had a local magnitude of 3.9. There are no measurable signs that an eruption of Katla is imminent; however, given the high levels of earthquakes, the situation may change abruptly.

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12 Volcanoes Around the World That Could Erupt At Any Time | The Weather ...
The Weather Channel
Photograph of Katla volcano erupting through Mýrdalsjökull ice cap in 1918. This eruption deposited a huge volume of tephra on the ice cap and surrounding landscape, and unleashed a catastrophic flood of melted water and sediment over Mýrdalssandur.


Trip across Iceland includes sights both rugged and regal
The Katla volcano is thought to be priming for another disturbance. Since some volcanoes are under glacial ice, an eruption can unleash incredible flash floods when the ice melts quickly, destroying anything in its path and depositing cubic miles of ...


How to Keep Things Hot at Yellowstone and Katla: Just Add Water
First, Katla in Iceland produced some glacial flooding (jökulhlaups) that followed some earthquakes. Second, over at everyone's favorite caldera, Yellowstone, there has been a lot of buzz over roads melting due to heat from the volcano. Now, as odd as ...


Iceland volcano continues to rumble, still threat of eruption
One of the more threatening volcanoes in Iceland is Katla, a large volcano just east of Eyjafjallajokull. It has a history of erupting about twice every 100 years. Its last eruption was in 1913. For Pedersen, Bardarbunga presents an opportunity to ...
Chances of Eruption Increasing at Iceland VolcanoYahoo News
Bardarbunga: The word on every Icelander's lips, as small quakes rock IcelandTech Times
Is a different Icelandic volcano about to act up?Ars Technica

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'Island on Fire:' the volcano the world can't afford to forget
Colorado Public Radio
As if that weren't enough, the volcano Katla erupted in the autumn of 1755, destroying much of the pastureland with ash fall and floodwaters. The weather improved slightly thereafter, but a smallpox outbreak ravaged the country in 1760, followed by ...


Iceland volcano: and you thought the last eruption was bad...
Last July, a flood of water burst from beneath the ice cap on top of Katla, washing away a bridge. This indicates that an extra pulse of heat reached the base of the ice. Since then, there have been erratic movements of the surface of the volcano ...

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Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull volcano is nothing to 'Angry Sister' Katla
Christian Science Monitor
While Eyjafjallavökull is virtually anonymous in Icelandic lore, Katla is one of the "Angry Sisters" along its even-more active twin, Hekla. The 1918 eruption was the last major eruption of Katla – a volcano that has erupted twice a century, on average ...

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Iceland's Katla Volcano Monitored After Seismic Activity Increases
Huffington Post
REYKJAVIK, Iceland — A surge of small earthquakes has been reported around Iceland's Katla volcano, but scientists said Tuesday there is no immediate concern that the increased seismic activity will trigger a dangerous eruption. Although earthquakes ...
Icelandic Authorities Put Katla Volcano on Watch After TremorsBloomberg
Iceland's Volcano Katla under Close ObservationIcelandReview
Seismic swarm at Iceland's KatlaBig Think (blog)

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Katla Volcano: Threat Of New, Larger Icelandic Eruption Looms
Huffington Post (blog)
REYKJAVIK, Iceland — For all the worldwide chaos that Iceland's volcano has already created, it may just be the opening act. Scientists fear tremors at the Eyjafjallajokull (ay-yah-FYAH-lah-yer-kuhl) volcano could trigger an even more dangerous ...
Another Iceland Volcano To Erupt? Katla Could Be The WorseTexas A&M University
Second, more powerful Icelandic volcano likely to explode soonIndependent
From an image of hell to a white fluffy-topped mountain: Do these pictures ...Daily Mail
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Iceland volcano Katla ready to erupt and cause air traffic chaos
Experts are warning that an eruption could be imminent at an even more powerful Icelandic volcano than the one that paralysed air traffic last year. Seismologists are nervously watching rumblings beneath Katla which could spew an ash cloud dwarfing the ...
The ash cloud returns: Rumbling Icelandic volcano Katla will be WORSE than ...Daily Mail
Iceland's Katla Volcano Is Getting RestlessHuffington Post
Iceland Volcano Katla Sparks Fears of Travel ChaosInternational Business Times
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