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Katla Volcano Iceland

Katla volcano can be found under the south-eastern part of Icelands Myrdalsjokull icecap.

Katla volcano has a large ice covered caldera which is 9 miles in diameter and is the fourth largest Icelandic volcano at 220 square miles. Katla has erupted many times in the past, usually once in every 80 years. The last major Katla eruption was on the 12th of October 1918, the eruption lasted for 24 days.

Latest News: An Icelandic met office Katla news article states that in the early hours of 05 October 2011, an intense swarm of earthquakes registered in the Katla volcano caldera; the largest of these had a local magnitude of 3.9. There are no measurable signs that an eruption of Katla is imminent; however, given the high levels of earthquakes, the situation may change abruptly.

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Katla Volcano
Katla Volcano, also known simply as Katla, is an active subglacial volcano that is located in southern Iceland. It reaches an elevation of 4,961 feet and encompasses an area of 230 square miles, making it one of the largest volcanoes in Iceland. Its ...

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