Grimsvotn Volcano Headlines

The third major volcano of Vatnajökull stirs: Sharp tremors in Grímsvötn volcano  Iceland Magazine

Vatnajökull glacier, the largest glacier in Iceland and Europe, hides five or six active volcanoes. In addition to Bárðarbunga and Öræfajökull, which have been ...

Travellers Advised to Stay Away From Grímsvötn  IcelandReview

The glacial flood in Grímsvötn has started slowly but the main force of glacial runoff is expected to flow down Gígjukvísl river, RÚV reports. The Icelandic Met ...

Photos of the raw energy of August glacial outburst flood from Grímsvötn volcano  Iceland Magazine

The photographs above demonstrate the power of the glacial outburst floods from Vatnajökull glacier. The photos capture the before-and-after view of river ...

Iceland's Grimsvotn volcano starts new eruption  BBC News

Iceland's most active volcano has started erupting, although scientists say it is unlikely to cause the kind of ash clouds which disrupted air travel in 2010.

NASA - GOES-13 Satellite Video Shows Grimsvotn Volcanic Ash Shooting into the Atmosphere  NASA

A new video released from the NASA/NOAA GOES Project provides a satellite view of spewing ash from Grimsvotn Volcano in Iceland.

Glacial Outburst Flood Expected  IcelandReview

The Icelandic Met Office reports that a glacial outburst flood, or jökulhlaup, is expected to occur underneath Vatnajökull glacier. Water is draining from Grímsvötn ...

Data gathered on peaks can help scientists estimate and track plume heights.  National Geographic

Using real-time data gathered from sensors on volcanoes, researchers can forecast changes in ash plumes during eruptions, a new study suggests.

More ash cloud chaos? Volcano in Iceland ‘could erupt’ as gas pours out  Metro

In 2010, the eruption of the volcano Eyjafjallajökull brought air travel in Europe to a standstill - stranding 10 million passengers, and costing Europe's economy ...

Four of Iceland's main volcanoes all preparing for eruption  Iceland Monitor

According to geophysicist Páll Einarsson, four of Iceland's volcanoes are showing increased amounts of activity in preparation for another eruption.

Four Of Iceland's Volcanoes Are Priming To Erupt  IFLScience

A geophysicist in Iceland has warned that four of the country's volcanoes are ready to erupt - but very little information about them has been given.

Harvard historian pinpoints the worst year ever to be alive — and it's not 2018  The Times of Israel

An international interdisciplinary team of academics discovers evidence of a catastrophic volcanic eruption on Iceland that spurred a snow-ball effect causing a ...

7 of the World's Most Fearsome Active Volcanoes  Popular Mechanics

The term "active volcano" can mean a lot of different things . Sometimes the hot magma under the surface remains in a constant state of stewing, blowing steam ...

Science/Nature | Awesome power of Iceland volcano  BBC News

A volcanic eruption in Iceland has set off tremors and prompted officials to warn pilots to avoid flying through gasses emitted by the blast.

FOUR of Iceland's volcanos are on the brink of erupting  Daily Mail

Pall Einarsson, a geophysicist at the University of Iceland has warned that Katla, Hekla, Bárðarbunga (pictured) and Grímsvötn, could all soon erupt.

What Happens When A Volcano Erupts Under A Glacier?  Popular Science

When Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull volcano blew up in 2010, the relatively small eruption belched out a 30,000-foot-tall plume of ash that shut down airports ...

Iceland Volcano Closes Country's Four Main Airports  New York Times

Officials said Sunday that it appeared there would be no wider threat to European air travel for the next 24 hours.

Eight volcanic eruptions that scarred human history  The Weather Network

Sunday, December 23, 2018, 1:56 PM - An eruption from Anak Krakatau is the suspected cause of the tsunami that has devastated parts of Indonesia, adding ...

Volcanic Ash Cloud 'Dissipating'  RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty

The European association of air traffic controllers says ash clouds appear to be dissipating quickly due to reduced activity from Iceland's Grimsvotn volcano.

Iceland's Largest Volcano May Be Ready To Erupt  National Geographic

The earthquakes are a telltale sign that pressure is building up in the Bárðarbunga volcano system, triggering an eruption down the line.

Living under one of Iceland's most dangerous volcanoes, as it starts rumbling  ABC News

For people living in the tiny town of Vik, in the shadow of one of Iceland's biggest volcanoes, the threat of an long-overdue violent eruption is part of normal life.

Volcano Forecast? New Technique Could Better Predict Eruptions  Scientific American

Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the ...

Local and Global Impacts of the 1783-84 Laki Eruption in Iceland  Wired

Saturday marks the 230th anniversary of the famed Laki eruption in Iceland. One of the largest volcanic eruptions in recorded history, it had a profound impact on ...

What Causes Eerie Volcanic Lightning?  Scientific American

Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the ...

Volcano earthquake report for Saturday, 19 Jan 2019  VolcanoDiscovery

Quakes detected near: Clear Lake (6 quakes between mag 0.9-2.3), Don Joao de Castro Bank (1 quake mag 2.4), Geysir (1 quake mag 1.6), Grímsvötn (2 ...

How Scientists Use Volcanic Lightning  RealClearLife

Volcanic lightning strikes that occur during volcanic eruptions are beautiful, but also have the potential to offer more than just a magnificent display.

Iceland's Biggest Volcano Is Getting Ready to Erupt Again  ScienceAlert

Earthquake rumbles under the Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland could be signs of an impending eruption by the country's biggest volcano. Bárðarbunga, which ...

Scientists predict volcanic eruptions with satellites and GPS  CNN

Knowing when a volcano will erupt could one day be as easy as checking the weather forecast. Geoscientists are learning how to better predict volcanic ...

Iceland volcano: William Hague says Grimsvotn ash cloud flight ban is less likely  Daily Mail

Foreign Secretary William Hague has said Britain is unlikely to suffer the same no-fly zone restrictions as last year. Ash from Grimsvotn could reach British ...

Iceland's Frozen Volcanoes Are Waking Up—And Climate Change May be to Blame  Newsweek

Frozen volcanoes in Iceland could start erupting more—especially as glaciers continue to melt. Scientists examined volcanic ash preserved in peat deposits and ...

Sleeping Volcanoes in Iceland Could Awaken From The Kiss of Melting Glaciers  Newsweek

Iceland's volcanoes coated in glaciers could start erupting more often in the distant future—thanks to climate change, according to a study published last month.

Newly Discovered Volcanic Heat Source Under Antarctic Glacier Is Half As Hot As Iceland's Most Active Volcano  Tech Times

Scientists found a volcanic heat source under Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier. The glacier, which is currently losing 45 billion tons of ice each year, is already in ...

A guide to Iceland's volcanoes  BBC News

A breakdown of historic volcanic activity on Iceland, the dangers involved, and the risks inherent in living above what was known in the Middle Ages as one of ...

Contrary to popular belief, Iceland's volcanoes are relatively quiet right now  IceNews

Iceland is a very geologically active country, there's no question about it. There are frequent earthquake swarms, large earthquakes (over 3 on the Richter scale) ...

In pictures: the natural disasters of 2011

Last year saw a number of major natural disasters strike, including earthquakes in Japan, New Zealand and Turkey, volcanic eruptions in Chile and Iceland, and ...

Volcanic ash and your travel insurance – everything you need to know  The Guardian

The ash cloud from Iceland's Grimsvotn volcano is making its way into UK airspace. What does this mean for your holiday plans and will your travel insurance ...

How the 2010 ash cloud caused chaos: facts and figures

The eruption of Grimsvotn, Iceland's most active volcano, has rekindled memories of last year's ash crisis which shut European airspace and sent disruption ...

Why the constant earthquakes? Iceland is slowly being torn apart  Iceland Magazine

In an average week Iceland's national monitoring seismic network detects around 500 earthquakes. If one of the volcanoes is hit by an earthquake swarm this ...

Glacier melting suggests Iceland volcano may be about to erupt

In April, clouds of ash from an eruption under the Eyjafjallajokull glacier grounded flights across Europe for a week, causing billions of dollars in losses for ...

Iceland volcano facts and how it affects daily life  IceNews

(This article relates to the 2010 eruption at Eyjafjallajokull. For information on the May 2011 eruption at Grimsvotn, please check the IceNews homepage for ...

All you need to know about Iceland’s volcanic eruption  The Conversation UK

The Bárðarbunga (or Bardarbunga) volcano has erupted, evoking memories of the 2010 Icelandic ash cloud that caused chaos across European and North ...

Smelling Grímsvotn: Signal of a volcanic eruption  Phys.Org

(—While piloting a commercial transatlantic flight last year, Captain Klaus Sievers and his crew got a whiff of an unusual odour. In a confined space 10 ...

Subglacial volcanic eruption begins in Iceland  Jackson Sun

REYKJAVIK, Iceland – Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano began erupting Saturday under the ice of Europe's largest glacier, prompting the country to close the ...

Volcanic Eruptions: Science And Risk Management  Science 2.0

In 2010 volcanic ash from Eyjafjallajökull clouded Europe for days. It opened up a discussion about how science is used in risk management.

New Icelandic volcano eruption could have global impact  BBC News

Hundreds of metres under one of Iceland's largest glaciers there are signs of a looming volcanic eruption that could be one of the most powerful the country has ...

All the World's Volcano Webcams  Wired

Check out the definite compilation of all the webcams around the world pointed at volcanoes!

Volcanic art: ‘Iceland is like a blank canvas’  Irish Times

UCD scientists went to Iceland to study subglacial activity in the wake of the ash cloud. With them went a painter.

Iceland Volcanic Ash Disrupts Hundreds of Flights  Christian Post

Volcanic ash from the eruption of Gimsvotn in Iceland may force the cancellation of hundreds of flights on Tuesday.

Iceland volcano ash 'to reach UK'  BBC News

A huge volcanic eruption in Iceland which has spewed ash up to 19km (12 miles) into the sky, and closed the airspace, could reach the UK later this week.

How eerie green lightning zapped an erupting volcano

SAN FRANCISCO — A storm of charged particles coursing through a volcanic ash cloud sparked the spectacular green lightning seen at Chile's Chaiten ...

Volcano followup: pix, video - Bad Astronomy : Bad Astronomy  Discover Magazine

Within hours of posting about the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Grimsvötn, I found out that helicopter footage of the plume (with tons of lightning) has been ...

Lava field 'bigger than Manhattan'  BBC News

A volcano in Iceland has produced a river of molten rock that could cover the entire island of Manhattan in the United States.

Ash cloud 2011: Tiny shards created by heat of Iceland volcano have 'rained' on Scotland  Daily Mail

The samples were taken from a car windscreen in Aberdeen and analysed at the city's James Hutton Institute.

Iceland volcano to BLOW: Flight CHAOS looms for Brits as Katla prepares to erupt | Daily Star  Daily Star

A HUGE volcano in Iceland is threatening to blow in "weeks" and spark a repeat of 2010's flight chaos.

Icelandic volcano eruption intensifies  Reuters

REYKJAVIK (Reuters) - A volcanic eruption in Iceland, which has thrown up a 6-km (3.7 mile) high plume of ash and disrupted air traffic across northern Europe, ...

Huge Icelandic volcano threatens to erupt in explosion that could 'dwarf' 2010 ash cloud  Coventry Telegraph

Cardiff Airport was closed eight years ago and most European air travel was brought to a standstill.

Think weather forecasts are bad? Try forecasting a volcanic eruption.  Popular Science

Forecasting the weather is hard enough. Forecasting volcanic eruptions is even harder. Read on.

Kilauea eruption will fuel volcano research for years to come  Honolulu Star-Advertiser

It didn't take long for Kilauea to start spitting out clues to the ongoing mystery of what lies beneath Hawaii's youngest and most active volcano. As thick, chunky ...

Ancient Super-Eruption Reconstructed  Seeker

An international team of researchers has reconstructed an ancient super eruption in southern Italy that 39,000 years ago spewed a volume of ash and debris ...

Iceland Tourism Ministry Announced New Taxes  Tourism Review

Iceland has been experiencing a historic tourist boom for 7 years. 20% more tourists are flooding its volcanic soil every year. The Icelandic government is now ...

Threat of Icelandic ash closes airspace over Europe  ScienceBlogs

The ash from the Eyjafjallajökull eruption as it spreads over Europe on April 15, 2010.

Volcano stopped me from joining Blackburn - Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski says a volcanic ash cloud over Europe "changed his life" and prevented him from joining Blackburn Rovers.

Beards, guns and … a camel: Islamophobic group stages fake ISIS attack in Prague (PHOTOS, VIDEO)  RT

An anti-immigrant group staged a fake Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) attack in Prague's center that, unsurprisingly, ignited a chaotic panic among the crowd ...

News Flash: Map Shows Where Lightning Strikes the Most Worldwide

Every second, as many as 100 lightning bolts strike the Earth. Now, a new map reveals a tally of those flashes over the last two decades, tracing where they ...

WATCH: Lightning Strike in NYC Caught on Video  TIME

You may not be able to capture lightning in a bottle, but you can certainly post it on YouTube.

Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano continues dramatic lava eruption  BBC News

A dramatic lava eruption that began early on Sunday near Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano has continued into Monday.

Ash cloud from Chile volcano wreaks airline havoc  Reuters

A cloud of ash spewing from a Chilean volcano caused chaos for air travelers in South America again on Monday and grounded flights as far away as New ...

Lightning over the volcano and jeeps parked on the lava: Photographer's stunning images capture the majesty of  Daily Mail

Photographer Sigurður Stefnisson has his pick of natural phenomena to choose from, in the land of fire and ice where volcanoes and the Northern Lights are ...

Volcano vs. monster truck: On safari in Iceland's explosive adventure playground  CNN

By helicopter, snowmobile and big-wheel truck across some of the world's most volatile landscapes.

The Martini Shot: Come rain or shine, the show goes on

For a *fresh*, independent and investigative view of Africa's changing media, marketing and advertising landscape.s.

Japan volcano eruption kills at least one and traps others  BBC News

Japan's Mount Ontake volcano erupts killing at least one and trapping dozens of hikers on the mountain top.

Iceland volcano 2011: Ash cloud clears from UK airspace but could return by Friday  Daily Mail

Met Office projections show ash from the recent eruption of Grimsvotn in Iceland could disappear entirely from UK skies by Saturday, and clear further away on ...

Iceland profile - Timeline  BBC News

A chronology of key events in the history of Iceland from the time of Norse settlements in the 870s to the present.

Iceland volcano: why a repeat of the 2010 flight chaos is unlikely | Dr Andy Hooper  The Guardian

Geologist Andy Hooper explains why the chances of a huge eruption of the Bárðarbunga volcano in Iceland and massive disruption of air travel are low.

Iceland Volcanos, Climate Change and Benjamin Franklin

Iceland Volcanoes, of which Eyjafjal and Katla are to important examples, have a history of catastrophic eruptions. So much so that the Laki eruption of ...

Iceland's most feared volcano 'ready to erupt'  Daily Mail

Hekla, dubbed the 'Gateway to Hell' in the middle ages, is showing early signs of movement beneath its crater, prompting fears that a huge eruption is imminent.

Volcanoes: be afraid, be very afraid - the supervolcano is coming

Every so often the earth chooses to remind us that we really aren't in control of this planet. The volcanic eruption in Iceland, which began on Wednesday, is just ...

Dave Pieri on keeping planes safe by watching volcanoes from space  EarthSky

David Pieri said, “A person in the U.S. or Europe won't be hit with a volcanic blast. That's almost inconceivable. But they might face a threat when they fly.”.

BMW i3 Shadow Sport Special Edition Coming To US (It's Got A Moonroof)

Reservations are now being taken in the US for a new special edition of the BMW i3 with a moonroof.

Orkney yacht rescue team brave volcanic ash cloud  BBC News

A helicopter rescue crew from Shetland braved the volcanic ash cloud to rescue a yachtsman 25 miles off the coast of Orkney.

Risk of Katla: Could 2nd Icelandic Volcano Eruption Follow?  mi2g

London, UK - 18th April 2010, 00:50 GMT. Dear ATCA Open & Philanthropia Friends. [Please note that the views presented by individual contributors are not ...

Obama gets exuberant reception in Ireland  CBS News

President Obama was met by an exuberant crowd in Ireland on Monday, where he spoke to a screaming crowd of 25,000 people and re-connected with his ...

Force of Chile's volcanic eruption eases, ash spews  Reuters India

SANTIAGO (Reuters) - The force of a volcanic eruption in Chile that has spewed an ash cloud that caused air traffic chaos around the globe has eased slightly, ...

Grounded no more: the ingenious bit of kit easyJet claims will help beat the ash cloud  The Independent

For the past fortnight, Captain Uwe Post has been flying in circles in the congenial surroundings of north-eastern Sicily. The German pilot is working for an ...

The 405 meets Júníus Meyvant  The 405

Jameson Kergozou sat down with Júníus Meyvant to discuss obsession in the studio, painting, and puffins.

Calculated Risk: Why People Live in Disaster Zones  Seeker

People are willing to put daily pleasure ahead of the threat of long-term disaster when selecting where to live, research finds.

TRAVEL WARNING: Icelandic volcano Katia on verge of erupting sparks concern for flights

A SPECTACULAR autumn in the British countryside will be blotted out and air travellers face chaos if experts' fears come true about volcano named after an evil ...

Experience Iceland's Vatnajökull glacier from the ground - and from the air  Mirror Online

The Vatnajökull glacier is so important to Icelanders and their heritage that their national airline, Iceland Air, even decorated their latest plane to look like the ice ...

Champions League final 2011: Manchester United are better without Cristiano Ronaldo, say Barcelona players

Ronaldo played his last game for United in the Champions League final in Rome - which Barcelona won 2-0 - before sealing an £80 million switch to the ...

A Dusty Tropical Storm Julia Captured by NASA

NASA has captured images of tropical storm Julia being buffeted by a massive dust cloud being swept west across the North Atlantic. Captured on the 18th of ...

Incredible red sun caused by Storm Ophelia  AOL Travel UK

A red sun spotted in the sky over parts of England has been caused by Storm Ophelia. The unusual occurrence was seen in the south west during the middle of ...

Why Are We Fascinated with Short-term Destruction & Fear (i.e. Volcanoes, Rapture) but Oblivious to Long-term Harms (i.e. Global Warming)?

Yeah, this is something I've thought about a lot, and read psychological articles on — it's not new. But with the eruption of the Icelandic volcano, Grimsvotin, ...

Lower Great Lakes Waterspouts Early This Summer

Very common in September, Great Lakes waterspouts are cropping up early this year because of odd cool weather this July. (We won't mention possible clim...

Iceland volcano blast sparks concerns of larger volcano eruption  Christian Science Monitor

Scientists say history has proven that when the Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupts the Katla volcano erupts too.

Incident: British Airways B772 near Shannon on May 23rd 2011, smoke in cockpit and cabin  The Aviation Herald

A British Airways Boeing 777-200, registration G-VIIG performing flight BA-239 from London Heathrow,EN (UK) to Boston,MA (USA) with 221 passengers, was ...

IFFCO launch new blog to engage with members  Co-operative News

The Indian Farmers Fertilisers Cooperative has launched a new blog to better engage with its members. The website – – was designed as an.

Is Pine Island Glacier the Weak Underbelly of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet?  RealClimate

Guest post by Mauri Pelto. AntarcMapPelto It is popularly understood that glaciologists consider West Antarctica the biggest source of uncertainty in sea level ...

Spain adopts Iceland's Kitchenware Revolution idea  IceNews

The so-called 'Kitchenware Revolution' in Iceland is said to be the inspiration behind ongoing protests in Spain against unemployment and perceived ...

Seven years ago to the day, we remember Newcastle's famous Plymouth away day  ChronicleLive

The day Newcastle fans took over Plymouth as Andy Carroll and Wayne Routledge helped deliver the Championship title.

Long Before Harold Camping, Rapture Loomed in East Patchogue, Long Island in 1925  New York Times

Eighty-six years ago, New York had its very own prophet of the apocalypse, Robert Reidt, who earned derisive front page coverage in the New York Times of its ...

Features | A Quietus Interview | The Whole World In Her Hands: Bjork Interviewed  The Quietus

As Bjork launches Biophilia, Luke Turner heads to Iceland to discuss technology, the environment, her country, musical education and the genesis of this ...