Katla Volcano Webcam

On a clear day the katla webcam view on your right can be seen on the Katla webcam, Katla is under the Myrdalsjokull glacier, the approximate location of Katla volcano is marked for clarity.

Latest News: An Icelandic met office Katla news story states that in the early hours of 05 October 2011, an intense swarm of earthquakes registered in the Katla volcano caldera; the largest of these had a local magnitude of 3.9.

"There are no measurable signs that an eruption of Katla is imminent; however, given the heightened levels of cluster earthquake activity, the situation may change abruptly".

Katla Volcano Webcam
Katla webcam view, the location of Katla volcano.

Katla Webcam

The live webcam at Katla Volcano. Courtesy of Ruv.is | Please refresh the page if a server not found message is displayed.

Katla Volcano Webcam

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