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Mysterious Planetwide Rumble May Have Come From the Largest Underwater Eruption Ever Recorded  Gizmodo

On November 11, 2018, a deep rumble ricocheted around the world, one that humans couldn't feel but that registered quite clearly on seismometers. A new ...

Supervolcano facts and information  National Geographic

Though supervolcanoes like Yellowstone pose real dangers, their threats are often misunderstood and greatly exaggerated.

Watch: Mexico's Popocatépetl Volcano Explodes in One of Largest Eruptions in Years  Geek

Popocatépetl Volcano is seen from Mexico City spewing ash and smoke on December 2, 2018. The large stratovolcano exploded in one its largest eruptions on ...

Mexican Volcano Lights Up the Night Sky, and Social Media  The New York Times

Popocatépetl, the active volcano that rises some 40 miles southeast of the Mexican capital, exploded Monday night.

Yellowstone volcano eruption: How overdue is a Yellowstone eruption? Is caldera active?

YELLOWSTONE volcano was hit by 81 earthquakes last month, including “a swarm' of 17 quakes in one day alone. How overdue is the supervolcano for an ...

Yellowstone volcano: How USGS scientist claimed 'THIS is when supervolcano will erupt'

A SCIENTIST monitoring the Yellowstone Volcano made a claim over when she believes the supervolcano will erupt during a Facebook Live stream.

Kilauea eruption survivors say they want to return to homes  Hawaii News Now

HILO, Hawaii (AP) - Survivors of a massive Hawaiian eruption say they want to return to their homes despite incomplete restoration work in the area. The Hawaii ...

Yellowstone: Volcano eruption's volcanic ash fallout would cover MILLIONS across USA

YELLOWSTONE volcano could cover the entire United States in volcanic ash if the next eruption equals or surpasses Yellowstone's past super-eruptions, ...

Yellowstone volcano eruption: Is Yellowstone OVERDUE another super eruption?

A YELLOWSTONE volcano eruption is feared to be the biggest natural cataclysm the United States will ever see. But is the Yellowstone volcano overdue a major ...

Yellowstone volcano: USGS predicts ‘more big LAVA flows’ when Yellowstone erupts

YELLOWSTONE volcano will certainly erupt again in the future and when it does, the US Geological Survey (USGS) warned it could be another cataclysmic ...

Yellowstone volcano eruption: USGS predicts SUPER ERUPTION date - 'Lava will FLOW'

YELLOWSTONE volcano will erupt again, scientists are certain, and the US Geological Survey (USGS) has now revealed when the next mega blast will go off.

Aleutian Flights Affected By Erupting Volcanoes in Russia  KUCB

Volcanic eruptions on Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula have delayed and canceled flights in the Aleutian Islands over the last several days. Bezymianny Volcano.

Hawaii Eruption Survivors Say They Want to Return to Homes  U.S. News & World Report

HILO, Hawaii (AP) — Survivors of a massive Hawaiian eruption say they want to return to their homes despite incomplete restoration work in the area.

Yellowstone volcano eruption: Mother Nature will 'see you DEAD' - Scientist gravely warns

YELLOWSTONE volcano is a powerful and deadly force to be reckoned with and is evidence of Mother Nature's dark side, a prominent scientist has warned.

California's Hidden Threat: High-Risk Volcanoes That Might Erupt in the Next Decade  Live Science

For years now, California has been bracing for the "big one" — the magnitude 6.7 or greater earthquake that is expected to send ripples through the state within ...

2018's biggest volcanic eruption of sulfur dioxide  Science Daily

The Manaro Voui volcano on the island of Ambae in the nation of Vanuatu in the South Pacific Ocean made the 2018 record books. A NASA-NOAA satellite ...

Bezymianny Volcano Volcanic Ash Advisory: 20190315/1730Z ERUPTION to 50000 ft (15200 m)  VolcanoDiscovery

Explosive activity continues. Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC) Anchorage warned about a volcanic ash plume that rose up to estimated 50000 ft (15200 m) ...

Yellowstone volcano ERUPTION: Monster blast will ‘TEAR OUT guts from America’

YELLOWSTONE volcano is a dormant monster waiting to erupt and violently tear America apart just like Godzilla, a prominent scientist has warned.

Ambrym volcano (Vanuatu) activity update: Eruption has ended  VolcanoDiscovery

News and activity reports about Ambrym volcano, Ambrym Island, Vanuatu. / VolcanoDiscovery.

Krakatau Volcano Volcanic Ash Advisory: VONA FOR ERUPTION MOVING N AT 14/1426Z OBS VA DTG: 14/1501Z  VolcanoDiscovery

Volcanic Ash Advisory Center Wellington (VAAC) issued the following report: FVAU04 at 15:02 UTC, 14/03/19 from NZKL VA ADVISORY DTG: 20190314/1501Z

Etna Volcano Volcanic Ash Advisory: ERUPTION IS DECREASING OBS VA DTG: 21/0000Z  VolcanoDiscovery

Etna volcano news and eruption updates / VolcanoDiscovery.

New dates show massive volcanic eruptions overlapped with dinosaurs’ death  Ars Technica

Modeling what happened after a massive asteroid struck the Yucatan has painted a hellscape capable of causing a mass extinction: choking dust, immense ...

A volcanic eruption in California is almost as likely as a 6.7 earthquake  SFGate

Following a season of flooding and rampant wildfires — not to mention the ever-looming threat of the next big quake — it's easy to overlook the natural menaces ...

Scientists uncover the apocalyptic effects of a super-volcano doomsday mega-eruption

Earth suffered ancient cataclysm which shows just how vulnerable humanity is to the destructive whims of Mother Nature.

Hawaii Tracker admins reflect on role of social media group during eruption  Hawaii Tribune Herald

When Ryan Finlay started the Hawaii Tracker group on Facebook in 2014, he had one goal in mind — to help Pahoa residents stay connected as a lava flow ...

Kerinci Volcano Volcanic Ash Advisory: VONA STATE ERUPTION TO FL150 MOV NE AT 19/0800Z.  VolcanoDiscovery

Kerinci volcano (Sumatra): news & activity updates / VolcanoDiscovery.

These ice-covered Chilean volcanoes could erupt soon  EarthSky

Heightened volcanic activity in the Nevados de Chillán prompted Chilean authorities to issue an orange alert in anticipation of an eruption.

Yellowstone volcano ERUPTION – Ear Springs Geyser spews 80 years of RUBBISH

A YELLOWSTONE geyser has erupted – but this time it has spewed up more than 80 years worth of RUBBISH.

This Incredible Stellar Eruption Is 10 Billion Times Brighter Than Our Sun's Eruptions  Gentside UK

Astronomers have recently observed a spectacular stellar eruption in the Orion Nebula. This one is about 10 billion times brighter than the eruptions of our Sun.

Agung Volcano Volcanic Ash Advisory: VONA STATE DISCRETE ERUPTION TO FL120 AT 17/0008Z.  VolcanoDiscovery

Agung volcano (Bali): news & activity updates / VolcanoDiscovery.

California has 16 percent chance of volcanic eruption  KGO-TV

We've all been told to prepare for "the big one," but scientists say there is a different natural disaster we may not be ready for.

Houston Fire: Oil Tank Fire Sends Black Smoke Into Texas Sky  Bloomberg

As a towering plume of black smoke billowed a mile above Houston for a third day, local authorities assured residents the inky effusion from a blazing ...

California’s ‘Big One’ Could Be A Volcanic Eruption  CBS San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF/AP) – California's next 'big one' may not be an earthquake. According to a new study from the U.S. Geological Survey, a future ...

Purgatory in Puna; Eruption survivors eager to return home — with or without roads  West Hawaii Today

HILO — The largest eruption in more than 200 years to hit Kilauea's lower East Rift Zone stopped more than six months ago. Yet for dozens of Puna residents ...

How AI could warn civilians before a volcanic eruption  FutureFive New Zealand

Advance monitoring could lead to better disaster planning and evacuation warnings in the event of an eruption. GTC19, Nvidia, Artificial intelligence / AI.

Piton de la Fournaise volcano (La Réunion) activity update: Eruption abruptly ends  VolcanoDiscovery

Piton de la Fournaise - La Reunion island volcano eruption news and updates / VolcanoDiscovery.

Study: more than 100,000 people would be affected by Mt. Shasta eruption  Siskiyou Daily News

Eight California volcanos have been designated as having moderate, high or very high threat – one of which is Mt. Shasta. Also on the list is Mt. Lassen and the ...

Popocatepetl volcano shoots ash and lava in the air in nighttime eruption

The Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico erupted on March 1 shooting lava and ash high into the night sky in this video. Residents in the area were warned to cover ...

How AI and satellites could help predict volcanic eruptions

Volcanologists are combining satellite measurements of ground movements with artificial intelligence to more accurately monitor — and eventually predict ...

First-inning eruption fuels Pendleton past TV, 19-2 | News, Sports, Jobs  The Inter-Mountain

HUTTONSVILLE — Pendleton County erupted for 12 first-inning runs en route to a 19-2 victory over Tygarts Valley Tuesday evening in non-conference action. T.

NASA Shocked by "Plumes Erupting From an Asteroid’s Surface"  Futurism

NASA just announced that one of its spacecrafts has made a surprise discovery: "particle plumes erupting" from the surface of a large asteroid called Bennu.

Site of Canada's last volcano eruption is in an area of B.C. splendour  Vancouver Is Awesome

The volcanic eruption was as brutal in its ferocity as the famous Vesuvius that buried Pompeii about 2000 years ago - but this was in Canada.

Rare Protests Erupt against Hamas' 12-Year Rule over Gaza  Asharq Al-awsat English

Hamas is facing the biggest demonstrations yet against its 12-year rule of the Gaza Strip, with hundreds of Palestinians taking to the streets in recent days to ...

New online hub features eruption recovery resources  Hawaii News Now

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Hawaii County has launched a new online hub aimed at helping residents and communities recovering from the 2018 eruption ...

Guess What, California? Now You Need to Prepare for Erupting Volcanoes  KQED

California could see a significant volcanic eruption sometime in the next 30 years, according to a report by the U.S. Geological Survey.

VIDEO: Hawaii Trackers Reflect On Kilauea Eruption, Social Media  Big Island Video News

PUNA, Hawaiʻi - Dane DuPont and Philip Ong sat down to talk about the role the popular Hawaii Tracker Facebook Group played during the 2018 eruption of ...

Eruption of Kilauea volcano added up to 55m of lava to parts of Hawaii's Big Island  TVNZ

Scientists measuring the thickness of Kilauea volcano's newest lava flows have said molten rock added as much as 55 metres of lava to parts of the Big Island ...

Merging magnetic blobs fuel the sun's huge plasma eruptions  Science News

Solar eruptions called coronal mass ejections grow from a series of smaller events, observations show.

Protests erupt in Bangladesh's capital after bus runs over student  Reuters

Hundreds of Bangladeshi students blocked roads and set a bus ablaze in Dhaka on Tuesday in protest over the death of a student who was run over by a bus, ...

New Zealand terror attack: Australia-Turkey row ERUPTS as Morrison attacks Erdogan threats

THE Australian Prime Minister today indicated he was considering breaking ties with Turkey following President Erdogan's threats against Australians after the ...

Massive Volcanic Eruptions 66 Million Years Ago Happened Almost Exactly When the Dinosaurs Died Off  Universe Today

Everyone knows an asteroid strike wiped out the dinosaurs, right? Lots of evidence shows that the Chicxulub impact event had terrible consequences for the ...

Kīlauea Eruption First Time Feds Use Drones in Response  Big Island Now

The 2018 Kīlauea eruption marked the first time the federal government used Unmanned Aircraft Systems to assist in an eruption response in the United States.

San Antonio Spurs fans erupt on Twitter after 9th straight win  mySA

When the San Antonio Spurs win you can always expect the Alamo City to get excited. However, when it's nine straight wins fans turn to social media to share ...

Streaking Alab survives Fil-Am McKinney's 50-point eruption  ABS-CBN Sports

Filipino-American Mikh McKinney was on-point for Macau. When it mattered most, however, it was Alab Pilipinas that turned it on.

Using stardust grains, scientists build new model for nova eruptions  Science Daily

Researchers have uncovered the connection and pinpointed the kind of stellar outburst that produced the stardust grains.

Anti-government protests erupt in Nicaragua after extended pause  Reuters UK

Protesters targeting Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega took to the streets on Saturday, demanding the release of all political prisoners and turning up the heat ...

Solar storm: Evidence found of huge eruption from Sun  BBC News

Scientists have found evidence of a huge blast of radiation from the Sun that hit Earth more than 2,000 years ago. The result has important implications for the ...

High school student with autism wins prom king, classmates erupt in cheers  Yahoo Lifestyle

A Nevada high school student with autism took home the title of prom king. Now, footage of his dance with the prom queen as his peers at Liberty High School ...

Clashes erupt in south Kashmir after teacher dies in police custody  Hindustan Times

A 29-year-old school teacher, picked up from his south Kashmir home on Sunday evening in connection with a terror case, has died in police custody, triggering ...

PARIS IN FLAMES: Tensions in France ERUPT- Riot police fire tear gas at furious protestors

FRENCH riot police clashed with yellow vest protesters for an 18th straight week of anti-government rallies.

Preparations Underway for Haftar, Sarraj Meeting as Clashes Erupt in Libya Capital  Asharq Al-awsat English

Preparations are underway to hold a meeting between Libyan National Army (LNA) commander Khalifa Haftar and Government of National Accord (GNA) chief ...

‘If we had a sense that Mount Baker was waking up, the local threat would be considered severe’  Bellingham Herald

Mount Baker remains an active volcano with immense destructive capacity and is among several Cascades peaks that are worrisome because scientists aren't ...

Gas and steam pour out of volcano after days of eruptions

Steam and gas were seen coming out of Mexico's Popocatepetl Volcano on February 19. The volcano has seen several eruptions over the last few days and ...

Cabinet splits erupt as MPs vote to delay Brexit by at least three months

Cabinet splits over Europe erupted once again as eight Cabinet ministers defied Theresa May to vote against delaying Brexit.

Spain CRISIS: Election chaos as leaders ‘play with fire’ - Catalonia ‘conflict’ to ERUPT

SPAIN has been accused by of “playing with fire” and inciting conflict in the dispute over Catalonia by its own foreign minister as tensions leading up to next ...

WEC LMP2 Tyre War Set To Erupt  Dailysportscar

Dunlop will debut their final permitted spec of LMP2 tyre for the 2018/19 FIA WEC at the Sebring 1000 Miles this weekend in pursuit of a 46th consecutive class.

Protests erupt in India after videos of sexual assaults on female college students go viral  The Independent

A groundswell of student protests have erupted in India's southern state of Tamil Nadu after videos showing sexual assaults on college girls were posted on the ...

Supplementary election: Hold Kwankwaso responsible should violence erupt in Kano – APC  Daily Sun

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kano State has tasked security agencies, including Kano residents to hold Senator Rabi'u Musa Kwankwaso ...

Here's why Trump tweeted a $100K check — and why liberals erupted in anger over it  TheBlaze

President Donald Trump tweeted a check made in the amount of $100,000 and garnered much praise from his supporters over it, and a lot of angry bitterness ...

Dodgers erupt for 8 runs in eighth inning to rout Reds  OCRegister

THE GAME: Alex Verdugo drove in the first two runs with a bases-loaded single during an eight-run rally in the eighth inning as the Dodgers came from behind ...

Protests erupt in Congo over local election results  The Associated Press

KINSHASA, Congo (AP) — Witnesses say at least one person is dead after protests over local elections turned violent in Congo. Members of President Felix ...

Space wars erupt in the Highlands amid race to build UK’s first satellite-launching station  Press and Journal

Space wars have erupted in the Highlands amid explosive claims that the region's development body has been “working against” rocket-launching projects on ...

Several explosions heard after flames erupt from Orchidland property  Hawaii News Now

ORCHIDLAND ESTATES, BIG ISLAND (HawaiiNewsNow) - Several small explosions were heard after flames broke out at a property in the Orchidland ...

Celebrations erupt after Algerian president drops fifth term bid  BBC News

Hundreds welcome President Abdelaziz Bouteflika's decision to drop his bid for a fifth term.

When Sheriffs Say No: Disputes Erupt Over Enforcing New Gun Laws  The New York Times

Around the nation, local sheriffs and others have pushed back against new gun restrictions. “This is just a gun-grab measure,” said one New Mexico sheriff.

Deontay Wilder And Dominic Breazeale Erupt at NYC Presser  Round By Round Boxing

Deontay Wilder (40-0-1, 39 KOs) and Dominic Breazeale (20-1, 18 KOs) officially kicked off their media tour press conference for their highly-anticipated fight at ...

Algeria was silent during the Arab Spring. Now its streets are erupting in protest  CNBC

Cities across Africa's largest country have been flooded for the past two weeks with protesters opposing their ageing President Abdelaziz Bouteflika's fifth ...

IPL 2019 Twitter Watch: Chennai fans erupt in joy when Dhoni stepped out  Sportskeeda

Watch the amazing response for Thala Dhoni at Chennai!

Clashes Erupt in Eastern Yemen as Local Tribes Block Saudi Influx of Military Equipment  Mintpress News

AL-MAHRAH, YEMEN — Fierce clashes have erupted between local tribes and Saudi forces supported by local mercenary groups in the Haat district of Yemen's ...

India-Pakistan tensions ERUPT as Pakistan 'deploys' F-16 fighter jets on Indian border

PAKISTAN claims to have deployed a fleet of F-16 fighter jets along the Indian border despite diplomatic efforts to de-escalate tensions.

Family not home when flames erupt Saturday in South Roxana  Alton Telegraph

SOUTH ROXANA — A family of five was away from home Saturday afternoon with their house on Illinois Avenue in Roxana caught fire. The first fire crews were ...

Israel tensions ERUPT as Tel Aviv retaliates to missile attacks firing from Gaza Strip

ISRAEL has furiously retaliated to missile attacks from the Gaza Strip.

Bloody Sunday: How tensions in Derry erupted into violence

Few could have predicted the bloodshed on the afternoon of January 30 1972.

Andhra Pradesh: Clashes erupt between TDP and YSRCP in Mantralayam constituency  India Today

The simmering tension in Mantralayam constituency of Andhra Pradesh's Kurnool district has lead to clashes between the Telugu Desam Party(TDP) and the ...

Protests erupt in Italy after female judges cleared men of rape charges, called alleged victim 'too masculine'  Fox News

At least 200 people protested outside of a court house in Italy after it was revealed that rape charges against two men were thrown out when judges deemed ...

Anak Krakatau: Volcanologist explains Indonesia eruption images  BBC News

It is very likely that a collapse of rocks on Indonesia's Anak Krakatau volcano caused an undersea rockslide, which in turn generated a tsunami on Saturday that ...

Deadly Clashes Erupt As Venezuela Military Attempts To Block Aid  NPR

Violence broke out at the border between Venezuela and Colombia. Venezuelan troops fired tear gas and stopped crowds trying to bring humanitarian aid ...

Skye volcanic eruption 'changed climate'  BBC News

A catastrophic volcanic eruption on the Isle of Skye is likely to have caused major changes in the world's climate. Researchers from Scotland, Sweden and ...

Violent clashes erupt at Venezuelan border  CNN

Supporters of self-declared interim president Juan Guaido clashed with Venezuelan police at the Colombian border Saturday, where they demanded that ...

Justice for Stephon Clark: Protests Erupt as DA Fails to Charge Cops Who Killed Unarmed Black Father  Democracy Now!

Protests in Sacramento continue more than a week after the county's district attorney announced the two police officers who shot and killed 22-year-old, ...

Loose Women's Jane Moore and Kaye Adams erupt into an on-air spat about childhood obesity  Daily Mail

Loose Women's Jane Moore and Kaye Adams erupted into a furious on-air spat about childhood obesity on Friday's show.

House Democrats splinter over response to Rep. Omar’s alleged anti-Semitism  The Washington Post

House Democrats argued acrimoniously Wednesday over whether to rebuke Rep. Ilhan Omar for alleged anti-Semitic remarks, forcing party leaders to confront ...

Protests erupt in Italy after court clears two men of rape charges because woman was 'too masculine' | TheHill  The Hill

Hundreds of protesters have been gathering outside of an appeals in court in Italy after it was recently revealed that two men were cleared of rape charges in a ...

With Sophomore Star Sears Erupting for 6 Goals, PU Women's Lax Rallies to Top Stony Book 15-14  Town Topics

SIX SHOOTER: Princeton University women's lacrosse player Kyla Sears handles the ball last Saturday against Stony Brook. Sophomore attacker Sears tallied ...

Mount Etna has 'flank eruption'  BBC News

Europe's most active volcano erupted on Monday and officials report more than 130 earthquakes nearly.

Morocco Orders Closure of Desert Camps in Merzouga, Protests Erupt  Morocco World News

Rabat – The government is dismantling desert camps in the Erg Chebbi dunes of the Sahara, 40 kilometers from the city of Merzouga in eastern Morocco.

Hawks erupt for blowout win over Grizzlies  Atlanta Journal Constitution

Behind a 31-8 advantage in fast-break points and 27 points from John Collins, the Hawks (24-45) sped to a 132-111 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies at State ...

Yellowstone volcano: ERUPTION could consume entire MOUNTAIN range when magma chamber blows

YELLOWSTONE volcano can consume entire mountain ranges at once, scientists have revealed after studying Yellowstone's incredible past eruptions.

Yellowstone volcano: Eruption MAP shows NOWHERE is safe from volcanic blast

Yellowstone volcano eruption simulations show an unexpected blast would produce ash fallout from the Northwest US down to the southern tip of Florida.

Anti-government protests erupt in Nicaragua after prolonged pause  Brinkwire

MANAGUA (Reuters) – Protesters targeting Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega took to the streets on Saturday, demanding the release of all political prisoners ...