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An Astronaut's View Of Mount Etna's Recent Volcanic Eruption ...
This image of Sicily's Mout Etna volcano was tweeted by French astronaut from the ISS.
Astronauts Capture Great Views of Mount Etna Eruption - Universe ...Universe Today

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Astronomy Magazine

New study finds martian volcano's last eruption
Astronomy Magazine
New research from NASA shows that Arsia Mons, a large volcano just south of Mars' equator, has been inactive for about 50 million years. The last time Arsia Mons erupted was in the bowl-shaped depression at the top of the volcano, called the caldera.
The last volcanic eruption on Mars coincided with the extinction of ...Tech2
NASA: Timing Of Mars' Arsia Mons Volcano Eruption And Dinosaurs Extinction CoincideScience Times
Arsia Mons: Mars Volcanoes and Dinosaurs on earth extinct at the same time, says NASANews Heads
Forbes -The Space Reporter -Science Recorder -NASA
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Relax, the recent Mount Etna eruptions are completely normal
Mt. Etna blew its top this week, injuring several tourists and reporters as it spewed lava hundreds of feet into the air above Sicily. But experts say there's nothing to worry about. As Europe's largest and most active volcano, Etna has been erupting ...
Mount Etna eruption: BBC crew among at least 10 injured in 'huge explosion'The Independent
Mount Etna eruption: Terrifying moment tourists run for their lives after volcano explodesEvening Standard
Violent Volcano Eruption Injures Film Crew and OthersNational Geographic
Deutsche Welle -BBC News
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Volcanic eruption could cost large cities up to USD 30 billion
The FINANCIAL -- Swiss Re has developed the world's first global volcano model, which assesses risk in the case of over 500 active volcanoes. The model enables insurers to quantify volcanic risks and to calculate expected losses from volcanic eruptions.

The Guardian

Are volcanologists sure Mount Etna won't erupt disastrously?
The Guardian
Can volcanologists really be sure a massive eruption is not imminent? How potentially dangerous are other volcanoes around the world? Jane Hammond, Bristol. • Post your answers – and new questions – below or email them to ...

'Explosive events' rock Pacific Ocean
Bogoslof volcano, nestled in the Aleutian Islands about 98km northwest of Dutch Harbor, Alaska, US, has been in the midst of an “active eruption sequence” since mid-December 2016. It has erupted more than 37 times since then and sent up another ash ...

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Europe's Largest Active Volcano Mount Etna Erupts - Nearly Kills BBC Crew
Mount Etna put on a fiery show as it erupted for the second time this month alone, injuring at least 10 people and ejecting lava and rocks up to 650 feet into the air. Mount Etna is Europe's largest active volcano located in Sicily in southern Italy ...
Watch This BBC Film Crew Narrowly Escape A Volcanic Eruption ...Digital Trends
Italy's Mount Etna Still Spewing Lava And Ashes : ENVIRONMENT ...Science Times
MUST SEE: Camera crew, tourists escape volcano eruption - WQOW TV: Eau Claire, WI NEWS18 News, Weather, and ...WQOW TV News 18

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Daily Star

Earth's core in crisis? Volcanos erupt all over the world – and nobody knows why
Daily Star
Should there be a “big one” eruption, thousands, possibly millions, of people across Europe would be killed “immediately” from incineration and suffocation, experts told Daily Star Online. Professor De Siena said: “In case of a big one, it could affect ...

Nearby volcano erupting at PGA Tour Latinoamerica event | Golfweek
Golf courses often offer stunning views, but that doesn't always mean the same thing. PGA Tour Latinoamerica is in Antigua, Guatemala, this week for the ...

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