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Volcano eruption VIDEO: El Popo BLASTS into life sparking air pollution across Mexico

Popocatepetl erupted in a furious fashion first at 8.17AM local time, then again just 14 minutes later on May 16. A video shows the ash being shot into the air as ...

Agung Volcano Volcanic Ash Advisory: DISCRETE ERUPTION TO FL250 OBS AT 17/1820Z. to 18000 ft (5500 m)  VolcanoDiscovery

Explosive activity continues. Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC) Darwin warned about a volcanic ash plume that rose up to estimated 18000 ft (5500 m) ...

Iceland volcano eruption in 1783-84 did not spawn extreme heat wave

An enormous volcanic eruption on Iceland in 1783-84 did not cause an extreme summer heat wave in Europe. But, as Benjamin Franklin speculated, the ...

Supervolcano eruption could wipe the USA off the map and kill five billion around the world, geologist  The Sun

A SUPERVOLCANO eruption could wipe the US off the map and kill five billion people around the world, a geologist sensationally warned. Dr Jerzy Zaba, a ...

39 Years Ago Today: The Big Ba-Boom That Changed Volcanology  Scientific American

It's the thirty-ninth anniversary of the May 18th, 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens. Some of you reading this were not yet alive when she was whole, or too little ...

Yellowstone volcano SHOCK: Eruption 'can kill 5 BILLION' in fiery fallout, warns geologist

YELLOWSTONE volcano threatens to kill more than five billion people and plunge the world into a nuclear winter the next time it erupts, a geologist has gravely ...

Did a Volcanic Eruption in 1783 Change the Climate in Europe?  Eos

A new model of the Laki eruption in Iceland suggests that normal climate variability was to blame for the anomalously warm summer.

Yellowstone eruption could lead to ICE AGE and global WARS for remaining resources

A YELLOWSTONE eruption would cause a 'chain reaction' of EXTINCTIONS on Earth and kicking off an ICE AGE and global wars, geologists have warned.

Yellowstone National Park hit by 73 EARTHQUAKES near super-volcano - sign of an eruption?

YELLOWSTONE volcano has been rocked by a series of tremors and some believe the earthquakes could be a sign the huge caldera is about to blow.

Yellowstone eruption: Huge geyser erupts after laying dormant for YEARS

A HUGE geyser in the Yellowstone National Park has erupted after years of inactivity, scientists have confirmed.

Sinabung's lava dome grows after third eruption in a week - The Jakarta Post  Jakarta Post

The Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) says Sinabung's lava dome has grown after it erupted for a third time in a week.

Krakatau Volcano Volcanic Ash Advisory: VONA STATE ERUPTION TO UNKNOWN HEIGHT AT 17/0019Z.  VolcanoDiscovery

Krakatoa volcano news & eruption update (Indonesia > Sunda Strait) / VolcanoDiscovery.

Bali Volcano Spews Ash 2000 meters to the Sky in Latest Eruption English

Bali's Mount Agung in Karangasem District erupted again on Saturday, at 2:09 a.m. local time spewing ash 2000 meters into the air from its peak.

Public told not to be alarmed as Mt Ruapehu eruption simulation exercise kicks off  Newshub

The training simulation is based off previous eruptions.

Mysterious eruption came from Campi Flegrei caldera  Science Daily

The caldera-forming eruption of Campi Flegrei (Italy) 40000 years ago is the largest known eruption in Europe during the last 200000 years, but little is known ...

Krakatau Volcano Volcanic Ash Advisory: VONA FOR ERUPTION AT 16/1041Z.  VolcanoDiscovery

Krakatoa volcano news & eruption update (Indonesia > Sunda Strait) / VolcanoDiscovery.

The Ring of Fire: How volcanoes, earthquakes affect millions  National Geographic

Explore the regions around the Pacific where Earth's inner workings put millions of people at risk.

Lava-Like Inflammable Liquid Eruption Reported In Tripura  NDTV News

A volcanic lava type inflammable liquid was reported to have erupted out of the ground in the outskirts of Madhuban area in Agartala.

Hawaii’s Big Island residents rebuild their lives a year after volcanic eruption  ABC News

One year after the Kilauea Volcano began a months-long eruption on Hawaii's Big Island, many residents are still struggling to return to normal.

Confirmed: Here's When The Volcano In 'Fortnite' Is Going To Erupt  Forbes

The Volcano is set to erupt in 'Fortnite', even if we don't yet have official confirmation. Here's when you can expect the event to start, according to leaks.

Yellowstone volcano: Series of earthquakes hit deadly caldera – eruption warning?

Since May 1, eight earthquakes have rocked the Yellowstone Caldera, situated in Wyoming, USA, and scientists have previously warned that a series of rumbles ...

Yellowstone volcano: ERUPTIONS pose ‘HAZARD’ warns USGS in latest supervolcano report

YELLOWSTONE volcano threatens visitors with hazardous eruptions and dangerous hydrothermal explosions, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS).

Agung Volcano Volcanic Ash Advisory: DISCRETE VA TO FL180 MOV ESE OBS VA DTG: 18/2345Z to 18000 ft (5500 m)  VolcanoDiscovery

Explosive activity continues. Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC) Darwin warned about a volcanic ash plume that rose up to estimated 18000 ft (5500 m) ...

18th century volcanic eruption in Iceland didn't trigger a summer heat wave  UPI News

The summer of 1783 was an unusually warm one for much of Europe. The heat caused crop failures and triggered social unrest.

Puna geothermal plant will need state approval to rebuild after eruption  Hawaii News Now

POHOIKI, Hawaii (AP) - A Hawaii geothermal power company must win state approval before rebuilding transmission lines wiped out by volcanic eruption.

Another Yellowstone Geyser Has Just Rumbled To Life After Years Of Quiet  Forbes

It continues to be an interesting time for Yellowstone National Park's hydrology and geology after the huge Ledge Geyser erupted for the first time in three years.

Volcano experts weigh in on effects of possible Mt. Rainier eruption

What would happen if Mount Rainier ever erupted? Experts and scientists weighed in Tuesday, laying out how the region is prepared, what would happen, and ...

Scientists consider raising Mauna Loa’s alert level  Hawaii News Now

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Scientists on the Big Island are considering raising the alert level for Mauna Loa. Experts say there's been a slight ...

Lava, sulfur and steam: After the Hawaii volcano eruption, Hawaii residents struggle to recover  USA TODAY

A year after lava began flowing in what would become Hawaii's most destructive volcano eruption in decades, thousands are still struggling to recover.

It's the 39th anniversary of Mt. St. Helens eruption  KOMO News

Thirty-nine years ago, the Pacific Northwest landscape underwent one of the most massive natural changes in our lifetime — the eruption of Mt. St. Helens.

Fortnite’s volcano is starting to erupt  The Verge

Back in February, season 8 of Fortnite introduced a volcano to the game's ever-changing island, and now it's finally starting to erupt. Events were first set in ...

KOMO remembers the deadly Mt. Saint Helens eruption 39 years ago  KOMO News

Saturday marks 39 years since Mount Saint Helens erupted. It took the lives of 50 people, and is now known as one of the biggest natural disasters in our state ...

How a Mount Rainier eruption could impact Seattle vs. the South Sound

Volcano experts took to Reddit to answer questions about active volcanoes around the United States, including what might happen if Mount Rainier erupts.

Bali volcano eruption: Mount Agung BLOWS - ash cloud spews 2km into sky

Bali has been hit with a massive ash cloud after Mount Agung erupted on Sunday. The volcanic ash hit parts of Bali, including Klungkung, Bangli, Denpasar, ...

Watch 60 Years Of Eruptions Shake The Planet In This Amazing Animation  Forbes

The Smithsonian Institution's Global Volcanism Program has a brilliant web application that depicts 60 years of volcanic eruptions. If you need a reminder that ...

Hawaii volcano: Mount Kilauea could ERUPT AGAIN after peace and quiet, claims expert

HAWAII volcano Mount Kilauea could be quietly biding its time before it erupts again, a volcanologist has announced after studying other notorious Hawaii ...

Visitor Stats Decrease Most on Big Island Due to Kīlauea Eruption  Big Island Now

On the Big Island, visitor arrivals and spending dropped back more than the other Hawaiian Island due to the Kīlauea eruption in mid-2018.

Agung Volcano Volcanic Ash Advisory: ERUPTION TO FL180 OBS ON WEBCAM AT 20/1920Z MOV SW  VolcanoDiscovery

Agung volcano (Bali): news & activity updates / VolcanoDiscovery.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Reopens Popular Hiking Trail One Year After Eruption  Travel+Leisure

Hikers in Hawaii can finally revisit the popular Kilauea Iki Trail in Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park, which has been closed for nearly a year since.

Ancient Romans Used Molten Iron to Repair Streets Before Vesuvius Erupted  Live Science

Ancient workers used molten iron to repair Pompeii's streets before the historic and devastating eruption of Mount Vesuvius in A.D. 79, a team of archaeologists ...

Ancient Romans used molten iron to repair Pompeii's streets  Daily Mail

A team of researchers from the University of Massachusetts have found that ancient construction workers repaired roads in the city before the devastating ...

Krakatau Volcano Volcanic Ash Advisory: VONA 23/0507 FOR ERUPTION. VA HEIGHT UNCONFIRMED.  VolcanoDiscovery

Krakatoa volcano news & eruption update (Indonesia > Sunda Strait) / VolcanoDiscovery.

'Beauty comes with a risk - and that risk is volcanic eruption' 11

EUGENE, Ore. - May 18, 1980, changed the way the U. S. looked at volcanic hazards. The catastrophic eruption of Mount St. Helens killed 57 people destroyed ...

Mt Ruapehu: Emergency training exercise for 'major volcanic eruption'  Newshub

The eruption alarm is about to be activated next week.

State launches new air quality website in wake of Kilauea eruption  Honolulu Star-Advertiser

The state Health Department has launched a new website that provides near real-time data on the air quality in Hawaii and is expected to serve as a one-stop ...

In wake of Kilauea eruption, Health Dept. launches new air quality website  Hawaii News Now

The Hawaii State Department of Health has launched a new website that provides near real-time data on the air quality in Hawaii in the wake of last summer's ...

Author to talk on anniversary of Mount St. Helens' eruption  The Columbian

Back in the early 1980s, Melanie Holmes was more interested in finding a playmate for her oldest son than writing a book about a geologist whom she had never ...

Clues from a Giant Volcanic Eruption Exist Beneath Naples  NOVA Next

Dwelling beneath Naples, Campi Flegrei is less famous than Mount Vesuvius. But, by looking at its pyroclastic flows beneath the city, scientists suspect this ...

Fortnite's Volcano Eruption Proves Crunch Problems Aren't Going Away  Screen Rant

A volcano recently destroyed some key locations in Fortnite, but the work behind this and the game's other updates may be destroying more than that.

Karymsky Volcano Volcanic Ash Advisory: POSS ERUPTION OBS AT 20190514/1350Z FL090 EXTD SE OBS VA DTG: 14/1420Z to 9000 ft (2700 m)  VolcanoDiscovery

Explosive activity continues. Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC) Tokyo warned about a volcanic ash plume that rose up to estimated 9000 ft (2700 m) altitude ...

What Scientists Learned From Kilauea Volcano's 2018 Eruption  Big Island Video News

HAWAIʻI ISLAND - The chemical composition of lava eruptions, the magmatic nature of the explosions at Halemaʻumaʻu, and the connection between summit ...

What Did (And Didn't) Cause The Kīlauea Eruption  Hawaiipublicradio

It's been nearly a year since Kīlauea erupted on the Big Island's lower East Rift Zone. The event destroyed more than 700 structures and displaced hundreds.

Puna residents reflect on eruption, future during block party  Hawaii Tribune Herald

A block party held in Pahoa on Saturday gave lower Puna residents a chance to reconnect with each other and celebrate their home that remains scarred by last ...

Further study of volcanoes needed to plan for future eruptions, say researchers  AOL UK

Our understanding of historic volcanic eruptions remains limited despite having detailed records, according to researchers in Edinburgh.Volcanologists from the ...

Residents called to avoid dangerous zone post-Mt Agung Eruption  ANTARA

The Center for Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation (PVMBG) has advised residents, climbers and tourists not to do any activity in the Hazard ...

Lava-like liquid eruption reported again in Tripura  Northeast Now

Sensation prevails after volcanic lava-type inflammable liquid has been reported erupting again in Tripura since Wednesday morning.

EastEnders ex boss says Thames eruption should flood Albert Square in soap’s last ever episode  The Sun

John Yorke - who left the BBC soap in February - wants the show to go out with a bang if it ever came to an end.

HVO UPDATE: Kīlauea Remains an Active Volcano  Big Island Now

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory released an update on Tuesday, May 14, 2019.

Looking Back on the Eruption of the Kilauea Volcano  WeatherNation

A year ago, the Kilauea Volcano began its summer-long eruption. The historic eruption destroyed hundreds of homes and changed the landscape forever.

New murals unveiled during a Puna block party marking 1 year since eruption  Hawaii News Now

PUNA (HawaiiNewsNow) -A block party on the Big Island Saturday celebrated the Puna community coming together one year after the Kilauea eruption.

Piparo mud volcano waiting to erupt  Trinidad Guardian

Geologists say pressure is building up beneath the surface of the Piparo mud volcano giving credence to the possibility that there could be an eruption sometime ...

Shiveluch Volcano Volcanic Ash Advisory: VA EMISSIONS CONTINUING OBS VA DTG: 18/1120Z to 13000 ft (4000 m)  VolcanoDiscovery

Explosive activity continues. Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC) Tokyo warned about a volcanic ash plume that rose up to estimated 13000 ft (4000 m) ...

How volcanic eruptions can change hurricane season for years  The Weather Network

It turns out two of nature's heaviest hitters are more closely linked than we thought.

Israeli hiker dies on volcano trek in Chile  The Times of Israel

33-year-old reportedly trapped by a snowstorm during attempt to climb Llaima Volcano in the Conguillio National Park.

Anniversary of Mt. St. Helens eruption is Saturday

Area residents are invited to see the wonder of Mt. St. Helens on Saturday, the 39th anniversary of the 1980 eruption. The Johnston Ridge Observatory opens for ...

VIDEO: Fissure 8 Ahuʻailāʻau Proposal  Big Island Video News

STORY SUMMARY. HILO, Hawaiʻi - During a Thursday gathering, Kalani Makekau-Whittaker spoke on behalf of the Puna residents who have submitted the ...

Fireworks erupt on pit road between Bowyer and Newman

Contact on the cool-off lap between Ryan Newman and Clint Bowyer grew into fight on pit road.

Active rebounders  West Hawaii Today

PAHOA — A block party held in Pahoa last week gave lower Puna residents a chance to reconnect with each other and celebrate their home that remains ...

Eurovision 2019: Furious protests ERUPT in defiance of Israeli contest amid BOYCOTT calls

EUROVISION 2019 has sparked anti-Eurovision and pro-Palestinian protests in Israel urging fans to boycott the event.

Parametric Risk Transfer for Volcanic Eruptions – Brink – The Edge of Risk  BRINK

Parametric risk transfer for volcanic eruptions provides capacity for risk transfer and makes claims payment more transparent, faster and more cost-effective.

Volcanic activity worldwide 18 May 2019: Krakatau volcano, Shiveluch, Ibu, Dukono, Agung, Reventador...  VolcanoDiscovery

Shiveluch (Kamchatka): Explosive activity continues. Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC) Tokyo warned about a volcanic ash plume that rose up to estimated ...

PGV talks with HELCO are ongoing  Hawaii Tribune-Herald (subscription)

As Puna Geothermal Venture moves toward restarting following last year's Kilauea eruption, a new power purchase agreement with Hawaii Electric Light Co.

These Posters for a Vampire TV Show Erupt In Flames When The Sun Rises  Adweek

Anyone familiar with vampire folklore knows that the night-dwelling immortals are vulnerable to sunshine. To promote its vampire-themed series The Passage, ...

The Voynich Manuscript: Has The Mystery Of The Book Nobody Can Read Been Solved?  Forbes

A new study claims that the Voynich manuscript, a medieval text which is undeciphered to this day, describes historical events, like the eruption of a volcano in ...

2019 VGMAs: Chaos erupt as Stonebwoy beats Shatta Wale to Reggae-Dancehall Artiste Award  GhanaWeb

Pandemonium broke out in the House Dome after Stonebwoy was announced winner of the Reggae-Dancehall Artiste Award of the year. When he was ...

Report from Last Weekend: 3 Mount Eruptions and an Earthquake English

The past weekend saw Mount Sinabung, Mount Anak Krakatau (son of Krakatoa), and Mount Agung experience mild eruption and an earthquake.

Hillcats erupt for 14 hits to cruise past Myrtle Beach  Lynchburg News and Advance

Myrtle Beach recorded a pair of doubles and took a 1-0 lead in the top of the second inning, but Lynchburg's offense answered immediately, and the Hillcats' ...

Big Island Residents Struggle a Year After Historic Eruption  Bay News 9

Residents on Hawaii's Big Island are dealing with lasting devastation from last year's historic volcano eruption.

New clashes erupt in Yemen as UN discusses way forward

Latest fighting potentially complicates a Houthi troop withdrawal intended to pave the way for wider peace talks.

Dozens of tornadoes reported in Nebraska, Kansas as severe weather slams central US

Powerful thunderstorms erupted across the central U.S. on Friday afternoon from western Texas through Nebraska, unleashing dozens of tornadoes. There were ...

Ancient Cataclysms: 9 Catastrophes That Rocked the World  Ancient Origins

Studies suggest that ancient cataclysms influenced the downfall of several civilizations and the abandonment of many famous sites.

Watch the House erupt in cheers as it passes the LGBT Equality Act  The Week Magazine

Equality has almost been served. On Friday, the House voted 236-173 to pass the Equality Act, which would ban discrimination in housing, education, finances, ...

Sudan Power-Sharing Talks Halted as New Clashes Erupt at Sit-In  Bloomberg

Sudan's ruling military suspended talks on a power-sharing deal with opposition leaders for 72 hours, as nine people were injured in clashes with security forces ...

Braves erupt for 9-run inning in win over Brewers  Atlanta Journal Constitution

When Braves manager Brian Snitker switched up his lineup last weekend, he ignited an offensive reviv...

Alabama Republicans Tried to Pass a Blanket Abortion Ban. Then Chaos Erupted.  Mother Jones

The Alabama state Senate erupted into furor Thursday when some Republicans tried to strip exceptions for rape and incest from a bill that would effectively ban ...

Severe weather outbreak underway as storms erupt over central U.S.  UPI News

All modes of severe weather will be possible Friday through the weekend as a vigorous storm system plows into the central United States threatening at least 18 ...

An Incredibly Powerful White-Light Superflare Erupted from a Small, Faint Star

250 light-years away, a powerful magnetic explosion erupted from a tiny, faint star. It's the coolest and smallest star that scientists have observed emitting a rare ...

Differences erupt in open in EC, meeting on May 21 to thrash out issues  Business Standard

Differences in the Election Commission have burst out in the open with Election Commissioner Ashok Lavasa boycotting the meetings of the full Commission ...

Contentious rally Clashes Erupt During Protest at Russian Church Construction Site Supporters of the church's construction  The Moscow Times

Protesters in Russia's fourth-largest city of Yekaterinburg rallied against the construction of a church in a city park, with reports of church supporters using ...

Abortion ban reaction: Democrats erupt, Republicans stay quiet as both sides see an impact in the 2020 election  The Washington Post

The Democratic presidential contenders cast the nation's strictest ban as a severe blow to women's rights, while Republicans on the ballot in 2020 did not want ...

Nakba Day: Clashes Erupt as Palestinians Mark 71st Anniversary of 'Catastrophe' (VIDEO)  Palestine Chronicle

Clashes have erupted as Palestinians marked the 71st anniversary of Nakba Day with demonstrations and marches across the occupied West Bank and the ...

Violent clashes erupt in Libyan capital to control airport way  ZAWYA

These clashes came only hours after other violent confrontations broke out at Ayn Zara with heavy weapons and rockets - ZAWYA MENA Edition.

Remotest pub in Scotland now has a rival as local hostilities erupt  Press and Journal

The remotest pub in Scotland has just acquired a rival right across the road, following a bizarre row involving its Belgian owner. The Old Forge at Knoydart has ...

Journey to St. Helens blast zone recalled  The Columbian

RIDGEFIELD — One image is forever stamped on Allene Wodaege's memory after journeying deep into Mount St. Helens' blast zone more than three years ...

Violent protests erupt at Georgia's Pankisi Gorge  BBC News

Residents in Pankisi in north-eastern Georgia pelt police with rocks over plans for a new power plant.

House passes revamped disaster relief package despite Trump eruptions  POLITICO

House Democrats pushed through another multibillion-dollar disaster aid offer Friday — a vote that will be in vain if they can't strike a deal that defuses President ...

Federal Election 2019: Liberals erupt as win imminent  PerthNow

Dozens of diehards have begun filling the Sofitel Wentworth to watch the early results roll in, with Tony Abbott an early casualty, but surprisingly strong figures in ...

Ripple (XRP) is collecting momentum to erupt big time  TWJ

Appearances can be deceiving. There are reasons to believe that Ripple's XRP has been gathering momentum and that it's about to experience a colossal bull ...

Russia vows to develop unrivalled defences as US tensions ERUPT - ‘Weapons put on ALERT'

RUSSIA has vowed to develop defence technology against weapons Vladimir Putin has claimed only his country possess.

'War will erupt this summer,' says Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader  Israel Hayom

"We will continue until all our objectives are met," Ziad Nakhala tells Beirut-based Al Mayadeen TV station. "What happened in the most recent escalation was a ...